The Necessity of a Guest or Registry Book

guest booksGuest books may seem like a small detail one can go without when having a party of big event but on the contrary, it is quite the essential item! Guest books allow the host to be able to collect the names of all the attendees or guests that came to the party!

It can be a way for you to obtain addresses and emails from your family and friends. Often when you are hosting a party, its not always feasible for you to be able to talk to everyone, let alone get their address or phone numbers! The guest book enables you to be able to do this all in one simple step! Just placing the guest book at the entrance of an affair will make it a given for people to know to sign in.

Nowadays you can get a guest book virtually anywhere and the web is flowing with different designs and themes for a guest book. Some are very inexpensive and others are quite the keepsake item. You can even make it yourself, if you feel so inclined!

So for your next party. Do not go without having one of these. If its a small, intimate party, you can still have one and maybe get your guests to write a personal note or momento instead of a gift. You can be as creative as you like, let your imagination go and i’m sure you’ll find a thousand uses for one of these!


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