Footprints in the Sand

template088A4.footprints.webfrontI really love that historic poem, Footprints in the Sand. It has become so popular and widely used throughout various different kinds of venue or event. I’ve seen it printed on everything from t-shirts to funeral programs. I think the reason its so popular is because for those who are faith based or spiritual in nature, it is an encouraging remembrance of a Savior who is always with us.

I first read that poem when I was in my 20s (which was many moons ago!), during a very low point in my life, or what seemed to be at the time. Reading that poem gave my spirit a lift and reminded me I wasn’t alone walking through the difficult times. Even though I FELT alone and only saw one pair of footprints in the sands of life I was walking, I was being carried through it.

I am thankful that my travels have given me wisdom today (from not making the same mistakes again!). Life can sometimes throw sour apples but many people often cling to their faith for support. Too often as well, people who do cling to faith and not see answers may waver and question, like me. But in the end, in retrospect, you always see 20-20. At least that’s how it was for me and for that, i’m thankful.

Even writing this today, gives me goose-pimples! There is something supernatural that happens in faith. It’s something that surpasses all human understanding and something I am constantly amazed of. Maybe so many people in this world need that same kind of spiritual help. Maybe that is why this poem is very popular.


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