What is a Gatefold Program?

gatefold147.saffronEver heard of a gatefold program? Well, its not the most popular choice for businesses but is an elegant and lovely presentation for memorials and weddings.

The gatefold is similar to a trifold but the folds come in differently. As the name implies, the folds open out simulating the opening of a gate. It is typically offered in a legal size 8.5 x 14 sheet of paper since you do need a little more room in order to achieve that nice gate fold effect.

Wedding programs as well as funeral programs are done in this type of layout but really, you can use it for birthdays, anniversaries, business presentations, or just about anything. You can think outside the box and produce a unique printed material for whatever occasion you need.

I like to use them specifically for weddings, personally. It’s different and I like that. I also have added a coordinating colored ribbon around the entire thing horizontally which makes it have a special finishing touch. This is a very difficult program to produce on your own or from scratch. So i’ve used a template to take the hard work out of it. That is definitely the way to go if you want to produce this format. Without one, you could be on the computer for days. 🙂

There are only a handful of sites that offer this as a ready made layout. I would recommend checking CelebrationsofLifeStore.com where they have a nice variety of templates for gatefold programs. Here’s a video on it to help give you a visual:


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