A Baby Baptism or Christening

7fdfe09d512336701afb116282be882bI love babies! They are so cute and something about seeing a baby makes me feel so at peace and wonderful. My babies are all grown up and perhaps its just me being reminiscent and missing their early years.

If you attend church or religion is a part of your family, a baby’s christening or baptism may be on your list of things to do during your baby’s first year. A baptism for a baby generally means that you as parents will bring him or her up in the religion you are involved with. The baptism is very big in the Catholic church and Christian churches also do Baby Dedications. So it is a public act that the parents do to let everyone know that you intend to raise your child up in the faith.

The baptism/christening consists of a small church ceremony and then afterwards a gathering that includes food and a small party. The new parents invite relatives and friends to this event. New parents are often very busy people so creating an invitation from scratch is not usually an option! Saving money is also a key consideration for new parents since they are now taking on new financial obligations with a new baby as well.

Enter the template. For a very minimal fee of $30, you can create and print your own baby baptism or christening invitation yourself very easily! I am a firm believer in templates because they save time and money which is always a good thing in any economy!  Forget about ordering the invites online, many of those company’s do not provide quality work and you won’t find that out until you get the invitations and have already paid for it.

Templates enable you to print on demand and be able to control quality and quantity without wasting any unneeded ones. A great solution for new parents, for sure.

Moving Announcement or New Address Cards

b303dedbd26f85f638a35455548f0951Whenever you move to a new location, 9 times out of 10 you want to let everyone know of your new address. Typically, people send some sort of announcement that will enable them to do this, such as a moving announcement postcard or new address change card. They may even send out emails however, you may not always know everyone’s email address and it could result in going into a spam or junk folder. So the good, old fashion method of sending an announcement in the mail seems to be the most reliable choice, in this case.

You can create and send out moving cards very quickly and easily by using a ready made template for such an event. Often this is a reason to celebrate! Moving into a new home can be exciting and exhausting at the same time! The templates created are meant to save you time and just get the word out. They are completely customizable and enable you to let all your friends and family know of your new address. You can even use it as a form of an invitation, for those who are going to have a new home celebration, like a BBQ or dinner party.

Even though we live in the age of technology, I always prefer invites or announcements in the form of something tangible. This is because I get such massive amounts of email, it is bound to be lost in the shuffle. And when I don’t have something I can hold on to…out of sight, out of mind. So personally, getting an announcement in the mail is refreshing, since it does not seem to be the norm these days. Just think… Your invite will all the more, stand out.

I wish I would have known about these templates when we moved into our new home almost 5 years ago. It would have made it so much easier to let everyone know how to get a hold of us. But since I know about them now, I want to spread the word so you won’t have to go through the frustration I did. 🙂

Have a happy day.

Printable Magazine Cover Template

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 11.07.35 AMHave you ever secretly wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? Come on, I think we all have at some point. Well, guess what? Now its completely possible! You won’t get paid or anything as those high fashion and celebrities do but you can still grace the cover of any magazine you’d like!

You can get professional looking magazine cover template to place on top of any photo of your choice. All you need to do is insert the photo and bammo! Your on the front cover of any magazine you want.

You then can print it yourself or take it to a local office supply store to get printed into what size you’d like for framing or putting as a booklet on a front cover of some kind of program. It’s awesome and it’s cool! I just love how these templates already have the type done for you and you are still able to customize 3 text boxes so that you can put your name or the subject’s name to fully make it personal. Amazing.

What’s more is that these can be edited with software you already own such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages. The great part is that I can print it on my own home printer myself or take it anywhere I want to. Unlike some online websites where you can create the template for free but you must use their printing services and its usually a one time fee. If you use it again, you have to pay again.

No thanks. I like the freedom to purchase something once and then use it as many times as I like without having to pay an additional cost. I can see these as great gifts and framed or if I’m creating some kind of booklet, gracing the cover of my booklet program for a great impact.

Love this!