Printable Magazine Cover Template

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 11.07.35 AMHave you ever secretly wanted to be on the cover of a magazine? Come on, I think we all have at some point. Well, guess what? Now its completely possible! You won’t get paid or anything as those high fashion and celebrities do but you can still grace the cover of any magazine you’d like!

You can get professional looking magazine cover template to place on top of any photo of your choice. All you need to do is insert the photo and bammo! Your on the front cover of any magazine you want.

You then can print it yourself or take it to a local office supply store to get printed into what size you’d like for framing or putting as a booklet on a front cover of some kind of program. It’s awesome and it’s cool! I just love how these templates already have the type done for you and you are still able to customize 3 text boxes so that you can put your name or the subject’s name to fully make it personal. Amazing.

What’s more is that these can be edited with software you already own such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Publisher, and Apple iWork Pages. The great part is that I can print it on my own home printer myself or take it anywhere I want to. Unlike some online websites where you can create the template for free but you must use their printing services and its usually a one time fee. If you use it again, you have to pay again.

No thanks. I like the freedom to purchase something once and then use it as many times as I like without having to pay an additional cost. I can see these as great gifts and framed or if I’m creating some kind of booklet, gracing the cover of my booklet program for a great impact.

Love this!


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