A Baby Baptism or Christening

7fdfe09d512336701afb116282be882bI love babies! They are so cute and something about seeing a baby makes me feel so at peace and wonderful. My babies are all grown up and perhaps its just me being reminiscent and missing their early years.

If you attend church or religion is a part of your family, a baby’s christening or baptism may be on your list of things to do during your baby’s first year. A baptism for a baby generally means that you as parents will bring him or her up in the religion you are involved with. The baptism is very big in the Catholic church and Christian churches also do Baby Dedications. So it is a public act that the parents do to let everyone know that you intend to raise your child up in the faith.

The baptism/christening consists of a small church ceremony and then afterwards a gathering that includes food and a small party. The new parents invite relatives and friends to this event. New parents are often very busy people so creating an invitation from scratch is not usually an option! Saving money is also a key consideration for new parents since they are now taking on new financial obligations with a new baby as well.

Enter the template. For a very minimal fee of $30, you can create and print your own baby baptism or christening invitation yourself very easily! I am a firm believer in templates because they save time and money which is always a good thing in any economy!  Forget about ordering the invites online, many of those company’s do not provide quality work and you won’t find that out until you get the invitations and have already paid for it.

Templates enable you to print on demand and be able to control quality and quantity without wasting any unneeded ones. A great solution for new parents, for sure.

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