The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Birthday party celebration - four woman with confetti have funIt’s been awhile since I was a bachelorette! I’ve been married going on 25 years now to the same wonderful husband who swept me off my feet in 1988.

Bachelorette parties and themes sure have changed since then and while I was doing some research online of what type of party themes bridesmaids are doing nowadays, the range was huge. Anywhere from a ranch style party all the way to the let’s go to Vegas extravaganza! Wow, what happened to just a simple night out with the girls and have dinner? I suppose those nights are still around but seem to be in the minority.

I didn’t have a bachelorette party or last fling before the ring! I guess its because I didn’t need a party to celebrate my last night of being single. I was so ready to get married and dump the single scene that it was more of a “good ridence” type of feeling. Haha. Well to each their own.

For anyone planning this type of party, getting ideas can be made simply by searching for invitations. That way your invite can set the mood to the gals or invitees and you can get the theme started from the onset. I think its better to do it this way verses the other way around. It should save you time since you already know the theme your going with.

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