Back From Vacation

IMG_7762We returned from our wonderful trip yesterday and yes, I am still jet-lagged. It’s harder to get back into the groove as you get older and was surprisingly unaware of how the time difference would impact me in such a huge way. I’m basically up with the chickens and asleep before the crowds but actually, its kind of nice.

I really do like getting up earlier in the morning because it seems to be such a fuller day than when your up at 9 am. Although I am physically in vacay-mode, I have returned to work! I figured I would start right away and ease myself back into the day to day routine slowly.

Today is Father’s Day, which accounts for the slow work in the past few days. It is a welcome blessing for me since I am transitioning back to the work flow. Anyways, about my trip!…Europe was absolutely a wonderful experience. We traveled to France, Spain and Italy. The weather was warmer than I had anticipated but the scenery all but made up for that. I have to say my favorite place of all was Italy.

The people are beautiful, food and wine was unbeatable and the architecture and history were amazing. I took a ton of photos which I will most likely post on my facebook account for those who care to view them aside from my family. So great to be back home though after a trip like that. I appreciate the little things we have here, like good tasting water!

Even the bottled water in the places I traveled was not at all good. Aside from that, I would definitely return. I can see myself living in Italy or Spain. France was my least favorite place but the places we did see were very interesting. I like the warmth of the people in Spain and Italy which is what makes me want to return. They were so nice and accommodating.

The photo above is the Vatican in Rome. This was a spectacular place and one that thousands of people are waiting in lines to enter. Luckily for us we had a VIP entry and did not have to wait in line for it.

If your interested in seeing more photos from my trip, visit my Pinterest page!

Ciao for now.

Preparing For A Vacation

suitcase-clipartIn a few days, I’m leaving to go to Italy. I feel like in the past 2 weeks I’ve worked a lifetime! Preparing for a vacation is no easy task, especially when you are going abroad! There’s so much to do– it can make your head spin.

Normally, I am an extreme list maker, but somehow I didn’t quite get around to even making up a list of to-do’s just before my trip. It’s a wonder I am even ready at all. When you run a business as I do, the BAU (business as usual) can certainly take the forefront of things, which is what it seemed to do for me.

I haven’t traveled outside the United States in a long time, since I was about 17…like I said, a long time! I imagine the customs and long air flights have changed quite a bit since then. I don’t usually mind flying but this time I’m a bit nervous about doing so since its such a long flight.

I am hoping to train myself on the time change before I leave. Since they are eight hours ahead of the U.S., I have woken extra early this morning (4 a.m. now) so on the day of departure, I can be awake when I need to be and sleep when I need to. Nothing worse than jetlag and I am no fun to be around when I have had lack of sleep.

Passports, itinerary and bags are packed and hoping I have not forgotten anything. But something in my mind feels and hopes that I have everything in check. Having a business does put an extra added wrinkle into the equation when you are preparing to go on a much needed vacay.

It’s best to create a list of to do’s if you are able, so you don’t have to keep all that you have to get done in your mind. Visit my Pinterest Funeral Page or like me on Facebook Funeral Page to find out more about my online business.