Catholic Baby Baptism Invitations

baptism005.beads webfrontIf your a Catholic and have recently had a baby, one of the things you may be considering is a baby baptism or christening. This event is typically done when the baby is less than a year old and involves the sprinkling of holy water upon the baby’s head.

This is an event almost all Catholics partake in and one that they share with family and friends. There is a godfather and godmother chosen by the parents who are responsible for the baby’s spiritual growth in the event the parents are not anymore present.

Such a day starts with a small mass in the Catholic church where the parents attend and then a small gathering with food is done following the ceremony. This mealtime or gathering may be held at a restaurant or the parents home. It is a time of celebration and fun.

New parents may not always have the time to create invitations for this type of event but would be relieved to know that there are baptism invitation templates available for download! There are a large variety of designs to choose from and makes this part of the planning process, a breeze!

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