Using Poetry To Soothe The Soul

So, I recently attended a memorial service for a friend’s mom and was amazed to hear how poetry was incorporated so beautifully inside the ceremony. Some poems are very beautiful and really get to the heart of a person’s emotion. I, honestly am not a big fan of poems until recently.

In grammar school we were forced to read poems that didn’t make any sense to me therefore, it was really hard for me to connect with the words. Some just didn’t even rhyme. For a kid of 10 years, making the connection was just not happening.

Needless to say, that flowed into my adult years and poetry reading was just some obscure things people read. It wasn’t until I found poems pertaining to a certain subject that sparked my interest. Then hearing them read at a ceremony such as a wedding or memorial service really won me over!

Don’t get me wrong, I like poetry but those that are used within the context of an event. Since I’m in the business of all celebrations of life events, it was a wonderful revelation for me. Often non-religious people come to me and want to have some sort of reading or saying on a printed material and just don’t know what to put.

Enter a poem. Now I have collected a huge amount of poems stored on my website as a free reference for people who may not know where to begin looking (like me, many moons ago). I have them categorized in an orderly fashion so anyone can find exactly what they need within a few minutes and not have to delve into a huge list to sort out.

The compilation took me several years to do but its been worth it. The many accolades I’ve received for the help it has been to so many people has made its weight in gold.