Pinning on Pinterest

Pinterest_LogoI LOVE Pinterest! Like so many people I’ve gotten on board to creating and pinning boards on this popular online resource! I think the reason why this has been so popular is because we are visual people and Pinterest makes it easy for us to see things at a glance quickly without having to read through a bunch of text.

It can be overwhelming to have to learn yet another new online social media platform. But if you take it slow, you’ll find Pinterest to be a great resource for you and realize it is very simple to learn. The premise of Pinterest is easy. Create a board, add images to this board and share!

When you are looking for something which you may not find in Google images, checking out the boards other people have created is better! The reason is because the images on these boards were hand-picked by people who really liked the image. Unlike Google images, you get a plethora of images that are a big mixture of bad and good with no rhyme or reason to them.

People categorize their boards in an orderly fashion according to category which makes it much easier to sort through and navigate. If you like a person’s board, then you can choose to follow them, if you like. I have found it to be quite the pleasurable experience and very resourceful.

There are boards from clothing related items to recipes, just about everything under the sun is on some kind of board on Pinterest. I highly recommend you try it, even if you don’t create your boards, you can search and explore others for your own personal interests.

If you’d like to see an example of my boards, here is one of my more popular ones:

Happy pinning!