Invitation Templates

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 9.49.25 AMThroughout the year, we are constantly celebrating. Whether your throwing a party or attending one, gathering events are always happening.  It can be a big milestone such as a baby’s first birthday or a wedding. The fact is there is always something worth celebrating in life.

I am in the middle of planning a family reunion next Memorial Day weekend in 2014. I haven’t had one in over a few decades so this is an exciting one for everyone. People should gather together and not wait for events such as funerals or weddings before they see each other. It’s not the best time to get reacquainted and discuss the happenings in our lives with our family…assuming you would want to.

Another big event, we are anticipating and soon to be celebrating is our daughter’s first official job out since she’s graduated from college. She will be moving out of our state to accept a job in another state so we are going to be having a Congratulatory party for her before she leaves. These are just a few examples of things that come up in our everyday lives. Of course, people also do not need an event or occasion to gather and celebrate a meal together. It can be as casual as just having friends over to spend time together.

In any event, you may need to send out some invitations to let people know of the occasion and location of the function. Not all events require an invitation to be sent out but most semi-formal ones do. I would say anything that requires planning on a larger scale would certainly require an invitation to set the mood or theme for what’s to come.

Invitation templates are a very cool idea. Why? Because the hard work has been done for you in terms of the creative aspect. All that’s left is to fill in the blanks of your own details. Quick and easy setup. Printing is on demand which means you can print them as you need it and reuse them over and over again, if desired.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Birthday party celebration - four woman with confetti have funIt’s been awhile since I was a bachelorette! I’ve been married going on 25 years now to the same wonderful husband who swept me off my feet in 1988.

Bachelorette parties and themes sure have changed since then and while I was doing some research online of what type of party themes bridesmaids are doing nowadays, the range was huge. Anywhere from a ranch style party all the way to the let’s go to Vegas extravaganza! Wow, what happened to just a simple night out with the girls and have dinner? I suppose those nights are still around but seem to be in the minority.

I didn’t have a bachelorette party or last fling before the ring! I guess its because I didn’t need a party to celebrate my last night of being single. I was so ready to get married and dump the single scene that it was more of a “good ridence” type of feeling. Haha. Well to each their own.

For anyone planning this type of party, getting ideas can be made simply by searching for invitations. That way your invite can set the mood to the gals or invitees and you can get the theme started from the onset. I think its better to do it this way verses the other way around. It should save you time since you already know the theme your going with.

Custom Seed Packets

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 10.37.47 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 10.38.04 PMOK, I found the cutest things! Custom seed packets are all the rage in the favor world. If your looking for a unique type of favor or giveaway for any celebratory event, this is it!

Check them out. They are wildflower seeds in a packet like you would buy at any store but they contain a photo of the honoree or deceased, which you are using it for. You can literally use them as favors for every type of event or party possible and they make such memorable tokens of remembrance.  I’m actually really excited about them, silly me, getting excited about a thing. LOL.

I guess I am in love with them because they are also friendly for the environment which is always a plus in my book. There are so many favors out there that don’t do anything or serve any type of purpose except sitting pretty on a shelf. At least with these seed packet favors, you can plant the flower seeds and see it blossom year after year. How great is that? A favor that keeps on giving every year! Love it.

You can pretty much choose the type of wildflowers you want to have inside the packets along with personalization on the front. Placing a photo of the bride and groom, birthday girl or boy, or the recently departed loved one are just some of things you can use these seed packets for.

The Celebrations of Life Store website offers the seeds in accordance with geographical region which is nice because you know exactly which wildflowers will grow best in your area of the country. So cool.

Tips on Funeral Etiquette

Some people are not aware of the funeral etiquette when it comes to memorial services. Here are some tips to consider that are suggested but definitely not mandatory to do.

Guest books are good to place at the entrance of the memorial service. This can capture all your attendee names so you can gather them and send them thank you notes.

Have some funeral poems read aloud during the service itself. Finding poetry online can be a great resource for you during this time of need and you will be able to use them in multiple areas of the service.

You can also send out thank you cards after the funeral to anyone who has been helpful for you. This is just an added acknowledgement on your part to express your gratitude to your family and friends, if desired.

As far as funeral attire goes, wear business clothing which is appropriate such as darker clothing and conservative. It is advisable not to wear bright colors or revealing attire so you don’t offend the grieving family.

Keepsakes such as funeral programs is a great idea for it will be the only tangible item you will have when it has all ended. There are other printed items that can be sent out as well such as bookmarks and prayer cards.

Delegate tasks whenever possible because many helping hands is beneficial for you during the planning process. You will find this takes much of the burden off of you. Planning a funeral is no easy process and going it alone can be challenging while keeping your emotions at bay. You can also plan on having a short time at the end of the service where attendees can convey their condolences in the form of a reception line. This is generally done at the end of the ceremony where guests can approach the immediate family and express their sincere condolences.

Important Details About Funeral Planning

Funeral poems are a very nice addition to the funeral or memorial service. Don’t be discouraged or overwhelmed if you are trying to find poems since there is such a large variety available online. Look for the best websites that offer the poems in some sort of organized formatting such as categorizing them by who they are for.

For example, funeral poems for mom, for dad, for grandmother, etc. You may be surprised at the many websites that come up in your search engine result pages that display large amounts of poetry. Choose the ones that are organized and have some the best website design and make sure that the resource has been around for awhile.

You can check this by reading their “About Us”. Poems can certainly lift our spirits when one is grief stricken that is why so many families include them in the program. You can also use funeral poems within any other printed materials, such as the funeral programs, for the funeral memorial service.

No matter what our faith is and no matter which religion we base our beliefs in, we all celebrate life and death through funeral services. However, there are some things which differentiate the way certain religions hold their memorial services.

For instance, Christian funeral services revolve around the central themes of hope, encouragement and the afterlife. Instead of dwelling on the grief of the bereaved family, Christian funeral services celebrate the life of the deceased. Throughout their services, you would see that they don’t treat death as the end of life. Instead, they view it as a gateway to life in a better place.

Even Christian funeral prayers are hopeful and are usually based on comforting verses of the Bible. Mormon funeral services, on the other hand, are solemn and grieving services. During their funeral services, there’s a time allotted for sharing fond memories which those in attendance might have shared with the deceased.